Pemberton British Columbia Hiking Elopement

Capturing Love in the Mountains: Krista and Adam’s BC Hiking Elopement in Pemberton

As a Vancouver elopement videographer, it’s a unique privilege to document the intimate moments of a couple’s life. I especially love when those moments are filled with adventure, love, and stunning scenery. Krista and Adam’s British Columbia hiking elopement in Pemberton was one of those special occasions that perfectly captured their unique love story. They decided to make their elopement uniquely theirs with a hiking experience. As an elopement videographer, I hope this day also serves as inspiration for other couples wanting to elope in the mountains in Whistler, Pemberton or somewhere in British Columbia.

From Ontario to the Peaks of Pemberton

Krista and Adam, both originally from Ontario, first met online in Toronto through Bumble. Their shared love for the outdoors and adventure quickly brought them closer, leading them to move to Vancouver, British Columbia 3 and a half years ago. Since then, they’ve been inseparable, exploring Vancouver’s mountains, snowboarding, and building a life together in the Sea to Sky. Their journey has spanned six years of dating, and while they might not return to Ontario, their roots in the breathtaking landscapes of British Columbia have only deepened. This lead to the decision to elope in the place they now love to call home.

Choosing a BC Hiking Elopement Over Tradition

Traditional weddings were never Krista and Adam’s style. They found their true calling in the mountains, a place where they could be themselves, surrounded by the natural beauty they both cherish. With their families back in Ontario, the couple decided to exchange their vows amidst the serene and stunning backdrop of the Pemberton mountains, which gave them the opportunity to plan the perfect hiking elopement experience, with celebrant, photographer and videographer.

A Day of Adventure and Love

The day started at the tranquil Joffre Creek Cabins, a place the couple had visited before and loved for its peaceful mountain setting. The cabin was the perfect spot for their ‘first look’, a tender moment where Krista walked towards Adam and the officiant, setting the stage for the day’s adventure. The reading they chose, “I Choose You,” perfectly encapsulated their journey and commitment to each other.

Their golden doodle, Samson, added an extra layer of joy to the day, especially after the ceremony at the cabin. It was clear that Samson is an integral part of their family. It was great that having their ceremony at the cabins with all the official paperwork and being a place to prepare and chance for the hiking component of the day, also meant their dog could join them in the morning.

Hiking to Semaphore Lakes

The real adventure began with a hike to Semaphore Lakes, a location chosen for its accessibility and stunning views. Though not of particular significance to them before, the hike symbolized their mutual love for exploration and the outdoors. The hike was not without challenge as both Krista and Adam stepped on a wasp nest and were stung. The keen hikers were not fussed and continued on the hike to the stunning lakes where they would eventually share their elopement vows, after getting changed back into their wedding attire (a suit and wedding dress).

Capturing the Magic of a BC Hiking Elopement

My goal was to capture the essence of their relationship: the adventure, the calm, the scenic beauty, and the humor that defines them. We focused on the “in-between” moments, the behind-the-scenes chatter, and the genuine interactions that make their relationship so special. So many little moments were captured on their hiking elopement experience such as the sharing of beers, snacks, walking up through the lakes to find the ideal elopement vow exchange spot, and popping a bottle of champagne at the very end.

A Love Celebrated in Nature

Krista and Adam’s story is a beautiful reminder that love doesn’t need to follow a script. Their decision to have a hiking elopement, to hike and share craft beers, to include their beloved dog Samson, and to capture it all in a video, was a celebration of who they are. Their love is adventurous, calm, scenic, and humorous, much like the landscapes they adore.

As their hiking elopement videographer, I was honored to capture the magic of their day. The film showcases the beauty of British Columbia, the joy of adventure, and most importantly, the profound love that Krista and Adam share. It was a day filled with laughter, love, and the majestic backdrop of Pemberton’s peaks—a perfect start to their new adventure together.

Video: Rachel King Films
Photo: Leah Kathryn Photo
MUAH: Nina Farrauto
Officiant: Celebrate by Carlee
Venue: Joffre Creek Cabins

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