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Unscripted, real moments for lovers who dance to their own beat


I specializes in wedding videography and filming weddings to create personalized wedding films that reflect your individual style, preferences, and vision.

With extensive experience in the wedding industry, I understand the flow of a wedding day and capture authentic representations of your big day.

Based in the vibrant heart of London, I capture love stories across the UK and Europe.

Forget the yucky, slow-motion, cookie-cutter wedding videos. My films are infused with excitement, energy, and a whole lot of personality – just like you!

A newlywed couple wearing heart-shaped sunglasses smile while sitting at a bar at Ter Marsch & Co table decorated with flowers in Amsterdam, showcasing a festive and joyful atmosphere.

You want a kick-ass, heartwarming, and utterly unforgettable wedding VIDEO.

Let’s create something extraordinary together. I have extensive experience with destination weddings, capturing beautiful celebrations in locations like Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Your love story deserves to be celebrated in a way that’s as unique as you are. So, let’s dive into your adventure, capture every breathtaking moment, and craft a video that will leave you speechless.


Photography isn’t just for your wedding or elopement. It’s about experiences, love, and life milestones. Engagements and proposals are perfect opportunities to document you and your partner authentically, celebrating your unique bond and shared experiences.

Whether it’s hiking through mountains, strolling along city streets, or simply enjoying a quiet picnic, I believe in capturing these fun and intimate moments that truly reflect who you are as a couple. Each session is a chance to create timeless memories that celebrate your love in its purest form.

A couple wearing smart casual clothing walk hand in hand, crossing a street in Greenwich, London. They're having an engagement photography shoot.

Exploring the streets by Greenwich Market!

Wedding + Elopement Videography

For couples who wear their hearts on their sleeves.

What sets me apart is my passion for wedding storytelling and my commitment to capturing authentic, candid moments that showcase your love and personality. From the hilarious bloopers to the heartfelt exchanges, I’ll be there as your wedding videographer to capture every moment with creativity and artistry.

Whether it’s exchanging vows in a secluded forest clearing, dancing under the stars on a rooftop, or saying “I do” barefoot on a sandy beach, my couples are all about doing things their own way.


Melbourne + Phillip Island, Australia

A newlywed couple wearing heart-shaped sunglasses smile while sitting at a bar at Ter Marsch & Co table decorated with flowers in Amsterdam, showcasing a festive and joyful atmosphere.

Mid-elopement lunch in Amsterdam!


In the blossom trees at Greenwich Park


At the Trevi Fountain

Vancouver Wedding

Wes Anderson Inspired wedding

Laura and Xaviers wedding day at the Teahouse in Stanley Park was like stepping into a Wes Anderson film set – whimsical, enchanting, and utterly delightful. From the moment I arrived, I could see their clear vision shining through in every detail. The forest ceremony nestled amidst the trees was straight out of a fairy tale, and the table decor was intricately designed with Anderson-esque charm. And lets not forget the fun I had in post-production, playing with color grading to ensure that every shot matched the dreamy vibe of the event. Shooting this wedding celebration was an absolute blast!

I also love capturing civil ceremonies, showcasing the unique essence of each couple’s special day.

Victoria, BC Wedding

High School Sweethearts

Carley and Al’s summer wedding at Prospect Lake Community Hall in Victoria, BC, was a hit. Carley and The Good Party curated a vibrant affair, from heartfelt ceremonies to delicious eats, including Hazel’s Ice Cream. It was a day brimming with energy and unforgettable natural moments. I created a beautiful highlight film to encapsulate the most memorable parts of their day.

Whistler Elopement

Taylor + Taylor

Yep, that’s right! Taylor and Taylor travelled up to Whistler with 11 of their friends and family for an intimate helicopter elopement experience in Whistler. In the middle of summer, fighting the mosquito bites from the spa the night before, Taylor and Taylor started the day with a helicopter ceremony and ended with a privately catered meal at their Whistler AirBnb. Capturing their wedding video was an incredible experience.

Unleash Your Love Story

Capturing weddings and elopements

For my couples, it’s not about following tradition or meeting expectations; it’s about crafting a day that truly reflects who they are and what they love. They’re not afraid to break away from the usual wedding rituals and create something uniquely theirs.

Wedding and Elopements


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I’m the storyteller, the memory-maker, and the adventurer capturing your love in every frame.

Although I'm a London Wedding Videographer, I also capture weddings in my home countries Australia, New Zealand and Canada. I'm happy to travel all over the UK and Europe.

I'm an Australian-born, London Wedding Videographer

I've also lived in Canada, USA and New Zealand!

Even though I’ve carried a camera for over a decade, my affair with video came a bit later. Once I ventured into the realm of storytelling, the allure of video’s emotional depth drew me in. It goes beyond freezing a moment in time; it captures movement, sound, and the essence of a person. That’s why I’m all in when it comes to documenting your wedding and elopement stories – not just for you to cherish down the line, but also for generations yet to come. Imagine having your grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ lives preserved in moving images – a timeless treasure chest of history waiting to be opened.

A joyful woman, Rachel King, with curly hair, wearing a blue suit, sits on a couch holding a camera with a microphone attachment, surrounded by vibrant decor and artwork.

I’ve filmed weddings in Banff, Melbourne, Queenstown, London, Paris, Vancouver and Whistler!

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