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Mitchelton Wines Wedding, Victoria

With a forest-based ceremony surrounded by the tents they’d camp in overnight, the setting was perfect for Jess and Eric’ intimate celebration. Despite the pandemic, their day was flawless, offering a romantic, quiet, and intimate atmosphere nestled in the trees

How they met

When you meet someone at the right time and in the right place, it can set the stage for an incredible journey. That’s precisely what happened when I met Sarah and Lachie over a decade ago. While my connection with them began separately, it would eventually lead to the privilege of documenting their beautiful wedding day at Mitchelton Wines in Nagambie, Victoria.

My first encounter with Lachie happened on one of those social trips to Mount Buller through the Melbourne University Ski Club. Little did I know that this chance meeting would be the first thread in a larger tapestry.

It wasn’t until my masters program at Melbourne University that I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah in one of my classes. Lachie, a seasoned hockey player, was also a part of my group of friends, and was playing in a mixed social hockey team and they were on the lookout for more women to join. I offered to play and reached out to Sarah, asking if she’d like to join as well. While she didn’t say yes to playing right away, she did come along to watch. Eventually, she too would don the hockey gear and join the game. Little did I know that this fateful hockey team would soon become the starting point for Sarah and Lachie’s enduring love story.

The ceremony

Fast forward to the day that marked the official beginning of their lifelong commitment, their wedding. The couple decided to have a courthouse wedding at the historic Old Treasury Building in Melbourne, and I was honored to be there as their wedding photographer. The intimate ceremony was surrounded by their closest friends and family. Following the ceremony, we headed out for some delicious dumplings and drinks, making it a day to remember that ended close to midnight.

The celebration continued the following weekend, with a gathering of friends and family at Mitchelton Wines in Nagambie, a 1 hour drive north of Melbourne. On a personal note, the place held a special significance for me as my mother hails from Shepparton. Growing up, we used to pass through Nagambie on our way to visit my grandparents. However, with the construction of a bypass, those trips became less frequent, and it had been quite a few years since I had seen the town. The familiar sights of my childhood had changed, with the old milk bar we used to visit transformed into a charming cafe, and an information center now standing beside it. Down the road, a modern brewery had sprung up, where we gathered for dinner and drinks on the eve of the big day.

Groom and groomsmen pose for camera in tuxes

On the wedding day, the sun shone brightly, making it a perfect spring day for the approximately 100 guests who gathered to celebrate Sarah and Lachie. Mitchelton Wines has a charming setting by the river and offered numerous alternatives in case the weather took an unexpected turn. Before the wedding ceremony, we took a walk down to the river for an intimate first-look moment, capturing the pure joy and excitement of Sarah and Lachie. We also seized the opportunity to capture the essence of their wedding party.

After the ceremony, we made our way to the pool area for more enchanting photographs. Then, we descended to the cellar, where Sarah had a vision for some extra portraits. The result was a collection of images that not only showcased their love but also captured the unique beauty of the venue itself.

As their photographer, I was privileged to be a part of their special day, witnessing the love story that had grown from crossing paths, an got to experience how great Mitchelton Wines is for a wedding.


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