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Capturing weddings and elopements in stills and film

Check out the collection below to explore all the wedding and elopement videos and photos I’ve had the privilege of capturing.

Sarah and Lachie exchange vows at their ceremony at Michelton Wines in Nagambie

Mitchelton Wines Wedding, Victoria

With a forest-based ceremony surrounded by the tents they’d camp in overnight, the setting was perfect for Jess and Eric’ intimate celebration. Despite the pandemic, their day was flawless, offering a romantic, quiet, and intimate atmosphere nestled in the trees

An elopement couple walk along the water's edge of Marriage Lake in Pemberton, BC

Marriage Lake Elopement in Pemberton, BC

Teaming up with my friend Janice, we set out for an elopement shoot at Marriage Lake in Pemberton, British Columbia. Working closely with local vendors, we aimed to create an unforgettable experience tailored for adventurous couples.

Laura and Xavier: A Wes Anderson Inspired Wedding

Laura and Xavier’s wedding day at the Teahouse in Stanley Park was like stepping into a Wes Anderson film set – whimsical, enchanting, and utterly delightful. From the moment I arrived, I could see their clear vision shining through in every detail. The forest ceremony nestled amidst the trees was straight out of a fairy tale, and the table decor was intricately designed with Anderson-esque charm. As I clicked away, capturing the magic of their day, I couldn’t help but immerse myself in the whimsical ambiance. And let’s not forget the fun I had in post-production, playing with color grading to ensure that every shot matched the dreamy vibe of the event. Shooting this wedding was an absolute blast

Capilano Suspension Bridge Proposal, North Vancouver, BC

Tyler and Jaclyn traveled all the way from California to experience the Capilano Suspension Bridge’s Canyon Lights show, a winter wonderland of twinkling lights and festive cheer. But little did Jaclyn know, Tyler had a much bigger surprise in store for her.

Stone Circle Proposal, Whister, BC

Rohan decided to propose to Vrinda at the Stone Circle. The Stone Circle, located in the heart of Whistler’s lush forests, is a unique place that is known for its serene beauty and spiritual energy.

Serratus Glacier Heli Elopement, Squamish, BC

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of being swept away on an adventure with Blackcomb Helicopters. Emily and Kaleb came all the way from the States to say their vows in British Columbia, and they wanted to make sure they had an experience they’d never forget.

A bride and groom holding hands near a red helicopter by Beverley Lake on a rocky mountain landscape with a cloudy sky.

Beverly Lake Heli Elopement, Whistler, BC

The picturesque mountain town of Whistler has everything you need to plan your dream elopement. We all took three helicopter flights up to Beverley Lake for the Taylor and Taylor’s ceremony before taking a scenic flight on the way back down to the heliport.

Spanish Banks and Gastown Wedding, Vancouver, BC

Jess and Alex’s beachside ceremony at Spanish Banks in Vancouver was nothing short of perfect, with the ocean view, refreshing breeze, and warm sun providing a picturesque backdrop for their special day.