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Brock House Wedding, Vancouver, BC

Saba and Palash’s wedding ceremony and reception at Brock House this past summer was a beautiful and intimate affair.

Saba and Palash’s wedding ceremony and reception at Brock House this past summer was a beautiful and intimate affair.

The day began with a first look at the Marriot hotel. The couple took a few moments to see each other before heading out to Brock House for the wedding ceremony and reception.

The couple arrived at Brock House to a warm welcome from family and friends, who had gathered to celebrate their special day. The bride looked stunning in a white gown, and the groom looked dapper in a suit. The wedding was a small gathering, which made the occasion all the more special.

The ceremony was held under the shade of a tree on the lawn, which provided the perfect setting for the couple to exchange their vows. The guests were seated on chairs under the trees, and the atmosphere was serene and peaceful. After the ceremony, the guests gathered to congratulate the couple, and there was a lot of laughter and love in the air.

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